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BBC Sounds: A life in music- Later life

Journalist Jude Rogers on how music keeps us happy, alert and connected as we grow older.

Survival of the Kindest: Amber Jeffrey- Life after Loss

Her podcast Grief Gang has welcomed listeners in their thousands, each of them desperate for a community of people who understand what it is to live with grief.

Survival of the Kindest Christmas Special: Ice Cream - Small Things That Make Big Differences

Mark, Max, Kathryn and Julian had a really good conversation about what matters and palliative care in general. This is now up on Survival of the Kindest podcast.

In Conversation with..........

Julian Abel talks about what matters to different people

On the Marie Curie Couch

In the latest episode of On the Marie Curie Couch, bereavement expert Jason Davidson meets Anneka Rice.

Beyond the Mask

A New documentary about grief during COVID-19

Produced and directed by Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris.

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