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What matters to people from different people’s perspectives.

“I kept saying ‘I love you’ until he passed away”by Sarah Candish

TWO VIEWS: Our loved ones chose different places to die- by Marie Curie

I was worried they wouldn’t talk to me because I was gay”- by Michele Chilvers

It hit me like a sledgehammer”: The little things that can spark our grief- by Oliver Wheaton

"I still play tennis and listen to Stormzy in my 70s, but talking to friends about death can feel like pulling out teeth"- by Brenda Hayward

You don’t realise how hard it’s been until you stop and reflect, until you think about the feelings you’ve had.”- by Graham Hunstone

Knowing what Mum wanted meant her death wasn’t as stressful”- by Charlotte

We had lengths of rainbow ribbon draped around the chapel all leading back to Mum so we could all be connected”- by Nikki DeBell

He tried to reach out to his family from the hostel just before he died – that takes so much guts”- by Rachel Clayton

Covid-19: One in five people are now more comfortable talking about their grief, but why?- by Marie Curie

My mission was to manage the space between being honest and open with my children and trying to take their pain away- by Jess Childs

Eid is the best day of the year, but it’s going to be extra special in 2021”- by Dr Zameer Begum

How creating an Instagram about London’s history helped me grieve for both my parents- by Paul Draper 

PODCAST: On the Marie Curie Couch with Anneka Rice- by Marie Curie

The new national plan for better end of life care has arrived – here’s what it covers- by Julie Pearce

Why I volunteer: “I’ve been through it, so I know what it’s like for others who aren’t getting their needs met.”- by Leanne Fawcett

The legacy of Dying Matters week- by Ruth Driscoll

Five things we’ve learned from a new review into decision making for older terminally ill people- by Marie Curie

We can't magically make things better, but the garden can help us to explore feelings and wishes"- by Emily Wright

“It gives me goosebumps thinking about it”: stories of the support we’ve been providing every day during the pandemic- by Stevie Wolfe

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